About Us

Tawa Technologies is a part time hobby business in New Zealand. We deal mainly in customised motorcycle parts.

Our two main buisness values are:

"Quality through innovation" This means we look to create new products, to better fill our customer's needs. Our products are design to have long lifespans, so you get greater value. A lot of our products are also customised for the consumer, as we believe an integral part of a quality product, is ensuring it is best suited to the customer.

"Economy through Automation"  Here at Tawa Technologies we are always looking for ways to best automate the process. Less man-hours per product make it cheaper for the customers. Automation also ensures accurately made, high quality parts, every time.

We have extensive experience with motorcycle customisation, if you have needs which our products do not currently fill, get in touch and we may be able to add a product line, or produce a one-off part.

The company is run by John Howarth, who has a Bachelor of Engineering, and a passion for motorcycles. I'm a huge advocate for customised motorcycles, the rider ends up with a bike better than those straight from the dealer, without the recurring cost of keeping up with the latest models. I ride a heavily modified Honda Bros 647, and wouldn't trade it for anything on the showroom floors. I want others to get the same experience with their rides, so Tawa Technologies will provide new products and services to offer motorcyclists a range of customisation options.

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